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  1. English I have a question

    I'm perfectly fine :D I got answers to my questions on Google
  2. English I have a question

  3. Pregunta Need a recommendation

    Budget up to 300K The look I'm looking for - -black\ebony - big lips - Passionate kisses By the way, I have no problem getting a recommendation for Bogota and Cartagena to.
  4. English Traveling alone needs tips

    Coming next month, I have a few questions. 1. I was in Thailand three months ago.. and I mentioned an apartment in the pattaya walking street area. And it was amazing.. I could take a girl from downstairs and up without too much trouble. My question is this - Is there a similar area in Bogota...
  5. Pregunta Flying to Colombia next week solo trip

    hello everybody, I have to write in English because my Spanish is not good. I am coming to Colombia for a period of three months a month in each city (Bogota\Medellín\Cartagena). I would like to ask a few questions: 1.street prostitutes,What are the prices at this point of the year? Short...